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August 07, 2006

The J2EE Training Experience

Such a good feeling if you were train in the programming language of what they called “write once run anywhere”. But hey, don’t look down unto this stuff; do you think it’s easy to be train? I guess not, if only I can object not to be train, then I would but why should I disregard this? It’s a good opportunity on my part to brush up my knowledge but the only bugging in my mind is, I am afraid I can’t handle it, learning this broad thing is such a very confusing, your mind will be twirling as you will also learn a lot of technology involve to developed.Our training was fair to middling; in fact we were happy and show our eagerness unto the course as what our trainer observed us. But inside of me is a little fear, what if I will be assigned immediately, I hope not, I hope my Boss will give me enough time to familiar, self study, and etc.. At the end of our training, oh my mind was enlighten as I now understand the concept of this language, I am now ready to code , but perhaps the basics only.. ha ha.


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