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September 16, 2007

Wake me up when september ends

"ber" month has just step in , and christmas is on its way ahead , but first we will observe first the fight of acquaio against barrera 2..... before hitting christmas as the big event for all of us filipinos , this pac-bar fight is passing by first and we have to ay attention on it to suppport our "ambansang kamao"

pacman ganbatte ne....

Long time no post

whew, it's been a long time im back with my blog, hehe
i wasn't able to post days ago since i dont know but the loaded page on my blogger site was in japanese character , it adots with my domain , and hence i cant really understand nihonggo , that's why im stuck up...

and now i was able to post this at home , since i have internet connection now...

till then.....

November 10, 2006

Boxing: Pacquaio against Morales 3

This could be the most awaited fight since both fighters are 1-1 standing... they are hunger for each other...its really cool if you can watch this live, but unfortunately for myself i cant go to las vegas, so i just watch and see our boxing hero here in local television which they aired... im not sure if it is live or delayed ,it doesnt matter wat is important is to see them above the ring...Good Luck to both fighters for their match on November 18, 2006

November 07, 2006

all saints day / all souls day

last halloween or all souls day i was on leave at work and i got home in the province, well the feast was quite nice
and as usual too crowded. but i was just have a little observation that the people are not merely celebrating this with the true spirit of what all souls day was about. the religious party only promote that we people only visit the burial site of our passed away relatives bringing candle and flower but to my observation some people bring Audio Component, Beers etc..
what is the spirit of all souls day now? even inside of our cemetry there was a little store selling candles, junk food and perhaps Beers and on sidewalk there's an okay-okay store.
why they was allowed ? may be there is no strong law that prohibit them but it is a matter of conscience that you folks think that our dead people don't drink and eat anymore , what they want is they will be remembered i think thats the only point why we celebrate all souls day... "To remember our dead relatives"

P.S. the local police was prohibiting vehicles to go inside the perimeter of the memorial park to control the crowd but why still there was vehicles that was able to go inside? are they excempted? seems they treat them as VIP. this is the oldest personality every Filipino inherits ever since.
more on politics , if they dont know you then you are imposed but if they know you then you are excempt.

October 26, 2006

Birthday Greetings

-Last friday Oct 20 my father celebrated his 60th birthday , and today my brother is celebrating his 29 birthday so i just wish you guys to have many more birthdays to come and more blessings...

October 05, 2006

Typhoon "Milenyo"

It's been a week past now after this strong typhoon hit our places and leaves us a lot of damages, the billboards are down, tree branches are fallen and roof are taken away. I could remember those days where the strong wind blows and the tress are waving or dancing against it.
It was office hours where it passed and i was staring at the window, watching those heavy rains as well. Where it could create floods on the sidewalk since the drainage is occupied or covered by leaves or plastic or cans.
On mid day our management has decided to dismiss all employees and allowed to go home because we've been experiencing no power and could no longer tender to work. Oh, i was excited coz i can go home early and take a rest and is also good to sleep while raining oz is cool since I have no air-condition in my room. But hey i almost out of my mind that outside the building there's a storm and how could I go home early? Oh well, we're not afraid of falling / flying sharp objects you know, that's why we ran until we got home. I was wet though i got an umbrella but it's not enough to cover myself so my shoes was really soaked coz I had no choice but to step into the water. At the boarding house I was just listening to the rhythm of the falling rain and whistle of the wind until the storm gone at dusk.
The next day we don’t have work sine still no supply of electricity coz most of the tree branches fell on the wire that destroyed the connection.
And its OK now since the power was restored and damaged had been kept and back to work as its regular days again.

October 04, 2006

“Time Management (daw?)”

Yesterday October 3, 2006 was the official commencement of our new project which is an enhancement of VBA excel program with VBA Access.
It was just a 2 weeks of rest after our last project ended and serves as the preparation. But I don’t know, I was not able to concentrate my study coz I’ve got sidelines to do, he he, like forum, chatting, browsing, posting on blogs oh why I was destructed by these things. I really can’t resist it coz by these means I can communicate my friends.
By this time I should have a time management so that I can scheduled my task neatly and orderly. I shouldn’t strike anywhere I should do some non work related during break time.
So just want to let you know people that its not easy boating in two river at the same time. So expect a delay of response from ME fellas coz yours truly are busy from now on.

September 20, 2006

Tilapia Delicacy

Video and image Hosting Sounds yummy isn't it? but anyway just wanna do some writings on this recipe. first and foremost just want to tell you that this fish is not my favorite, i just write about it not to intend the people will not eat this anymore but just my plain personal view that why my tongue doesn't like it.
Everyday especially during lunch as ME and my workfellow will eat in a carenderia, where they serve different recipe of tilapia nemely; 'daing na tilapia, inihaw na tilapia, ginataang tilapia, paksiw na tilapia', we always teased each others like: i'll treat your lunch today i'll pay for your ulam if it is tilapia... oh man , i really love to try it but im just scared what happen if i eat it, i may vomit in front of many customer, oh how embarassed it is.
I've been staying here in other region fore more than a year now but their delicacies are still stranger to me. im still ignorant of these kind of food, much more the inihaw na hito (grilled catfish) and many other fresh water fish. I still not eat this even it serves as "Pulutan" no matter how starving am i.
To those people who love tilapia kudos to them, it taste delicious for you and not for ME..