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September 08, 2006

influence of pinoy rock music

In early 1990's pinoy rock music was very popular and that time was, i was a teenager. I remember then everytime i hear one of my fave tunog kalye song, i cant control myself from head banging and stamping my feets, if there's a stick near to me then i get it and struck to the wall, empty can or even in a pail ,.. oh-oh ,.. sorry of me if i got caught by my folks ruining the pail. hehe. That time, hearing those kind of music was really good, it lift me up, sometimes i sing along with the radio and don't mind anybody listening my irritating voice, hehe. For me it was a call where i was indulge into music especially rock alternative. I'ts like a time for me to have decision where i can choose what i like, it could be a good or bad effect and i doen't care as long as i do it then im responsible for it. Now music still part of my life, without it, i dont know how to amuse myself in times of tediousness, boredom. As pinoy music is concern i thanked this two guys (see pictures) who am i inspired of, there songs really touches me and they are the portal in which i was turned into like this 'be yourself, be a rocker' but sometime too rocker fall in love so for now my taste of music was assorted..


Anonymous Shari said...

Ahh, how I wish na ang mga musika ngayon ay tulad pa rin ng dati. Honestly, music nowadays doesn't mean anything for the people. Just a mishmash of words and tones. Hence, Britney Spears and all her ka-level na "singers." Boo.

6:53 PM  
Blogger TatS said...

hehe , that's why you may observed that there are lots of artist making revival songs, since music in the old days are really still great

5:00 PM  
Anonymous guile said...

those were the days..

12:00 PM  

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