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September 20, 2006

Tilapia Delicacy

Video and image Hosting Sounds yummy isn't it? but anyway just wanna do some writings on this recipe. first and foremost just want to tell you that this fish is not my favorite, i just write about it not to intend the people will not eat this anymore but just my plain personal view that why my tongue doesn't like it.
Everyday especially during lunch as ME and my workfellow will eat in a carenderia, where they serve different recipe of tilapia nemely; 'daing na tilapia, inihaw na tilapia, ginataang tilapia, paksiw na tilapia', we always teased each others like: i'll treat your lunch today i'll pay for your ulam if it is tilapia... oh man , i really love to try it but im just scared what happen if i eat it, i may vomit in front of many customer, oh how embarassed it is.
I've been staying here in other region fore more than a year now but their delicacies are still stranger to me. im still ignorant of these kind of food, much more the inihaw na hito (grilled catfish) and many other fresh water fish. I still not eat this even it serves as "Pulutan" no matter how starving am i.
To those people who love tilapia kudos to them, it taste delicious for you and not for ME..


Blogger Javi said...

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8:39 AM  
Blogger Javi said...

I love fish!!!!! I didn't know this one...


8:40 AM  
Anonymous vince said...


12:16 PM  
Blogger balikbayan_box said...

I dont mind eating Tilapia. But i prefer it fried.

my two cents hehehe

4:30 PM  

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