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October 04, 2006

“Time Management (daw?)”

Yesterday October 3, 2006 was the official commencement of our new project which is an enhancement of VBA excel program with VBA Access.
It was just a 2 weeks of rest after our last project ended and serves as the preparation. But I don’t know, I was not able to concentrate my study coz I’ve got sidelines to do, he he, like forum, chatting, browsing, posting on blogs oh why I was destructed by these things. I really can’t resist it coz by these means I can communicate my friends.
By this time I should have a time management so that I can scheduled my task neatly and orderly. I shouldn’t strike anywhere I should do some non work related during break time.
So just want to let you know people that its not easy boating in two river at the same time. So expect a delay of response from ME fellas coz yours truly are busy from now on.


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