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October 05, 2006

Typhoon "Milenyo"

It's been a week past now after this strong typhoon hit our places and leaves us a lot of damages, the billboards are down, tree branches are fallen and roof are taken away. I could remember those days where the strong wind blows and the tress are waving or dancing against it.
It was office hours where it passed and i was staring at the window, watching those heavy rains as well. Where it could create floods on the sidewalk since the drainage is occupied or covered by leaves or plastic or cans.
On mid day our management has decided to dismiss all employees and allowed to go home because we've been experiencing no power and could no longer tender to work. Oh, i was excited coz i can go home early and take a rest and is also good to sleep while raining oz is cool since I have no air-condition in my room. But hey i almost out of my mind that outside the building there's a storm and how could I go home early? Oh well, we're not afraid of falling / flying sharp objects you know, that's why we ran until we got home. I was wet though i got an umbrella but it's not enough to cover myself so my shoes was really soaked coz I had no choice but to step into the water. At the boarding house I was just listening to the rhythm of the falling rain and whistle of the wind until the storm gone at dusk.
The next day we don’t have work sine still no supply of electricity coz most of the tree branches fell on the wire that destroyed the connection.
And its OK now since the power was restored and damaged had been kept and back to work as its regular days again.


Anonymous Shari said...

The sad part of it all is that the typhoon took away many lives, not to mention numerous families' hopes.

7:28 PM  
Blogger TatS said...

yeah , let us just offer a prayer for those victim

3:26 PM  

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