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September 20, 2006

Tilapia Delicacy

Video and image Hosting Sounds yummy isn't it? but anyway just wanna do some writings on this recipe. first and foremost just want to tell you that this fish is not my favorite, i just write about it not to intend the people will not eat this anymore but just my plain personal view that why my tongue doesn't like it.
Everyday especially during lunch as ME and my workfellow will eat in a carenderia, where they serve different recipe of tilapia nemely; 'daing na tilapia, inihaw na tilapia, ginataang tilapia, paksiw na tilapia', we always teased each others like: i'll treat your lunch today i'll pay for your ulam if it is tilapia... oh man , i really love to try it but im just scared what happen if i eat it, i may vomit in front of many customer, oh how embarassed it is.
I've been staying here in other region fore more than a year now but their delicacies are still stranger to me. im still ignorant of these kind of food, much more the inihaw na hito (grilled catfish) and many other fresh water fish. I still not eat this even it serves as "Pulutan" no matter how starving am i.
To those people who love tilapia kudos to them, it taste delicious for you and not for ME..

September 08, 2006

influence of pinoy rock music

In early 1990's pinoy rock music was very popular and that time was, i was a teenager. I remember then everytime i hear one of my fave tunog kalye song, i cant control myself from head banging and stamping my feets, if there's a stick near to me then i get it and struck to the wall, empty can or even in a pail ,.. oh-oh ,.. sorry of me if i got caught by my folks ruining the pail. hehe. That time, hearing those kind of music was really good, it lift me up, sometimes i sing along with the radio and don't mind anybody listening my irritating voice, hehe. For me it was a call where i was indulge into music especially rock alternative. I'ts like a time for me to have decision where i can choose what i like, it could be a good or bad effect and i doen't care as long as i do it then im responsible for it. Now music still part of my life, without it, i dont know how to amuse myself in times of tediousness, boredom. As pinoy music is concern i thanked this two guys (see pictures) who am i inspired of, there songs really touches me and they are the portal in which i was turned into like this 'be yourself, be a rocker' but sometime too rocker fall in love so for now my taste of music was assorted..

September 06, 2006

Could you be loved and be loved?

courtesy from www.wikipedia.com Many of you are maybe familiar of this song, which was composed by the legend of reggae music, Bob Marley. well if you are not still familiar of him just try to research, hehe. Or if you live like a rastafarian perhaps you are very familiar of his bios.You may get confused of what is behind this track, actually there's no big deal on it, this is just One of my favorite regaae song and as of now i can relate it's lyrics..

"Love would never leave us alone,
A-yin the darkness there must come out to light.

Could you be loved and be loved?"

hmm, now you know, hehe, okay i'll just share to you the MP3 of that and i would dedicate this song especially to HER (ops... you know who you are).