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August 19, 2006

i hope i can fly (my first flight)

this story im gonna share to you is a bit old experience, i just tell it here coz it's really a memorable one, the first time i ride in an airplane..1 hour to go before my boarding schedule i arrived at the airport, i then check in and i meet my friends, my coworker here inside the terminal, we will then stay sitting in the bench to wait our boarding time. After few minutes we then proceed to the plane and you know what? i was tense, in silence i was able to say a prayer that this flight will be safe..When the Captain speaks for the go signal "cabin and crew prepare for take off"; whew my heart beat so fast. i'll then make a sign of the cross and fasten my seatbelt.. all the engine is up, and with a power revolution the plane runs fast, and oh-oh, after few meters away it takes off..,wheew it was a breath taking, my ear was sort of a deaf and as i peek from the window to see the wonderful view of the earth, the contour is very visible to me, ohhh.. i wish i can fly to see the beauty from the sky.. For an hour of flying the Captain again announces "cabin and crew prepare for landing".. i fasten my seatbelt again, few minutes then 'TOUCHDOWN'.. thank heavens we arrive safely..

August 16, 2006

siging libod suroy (Mall hopping)

to my non bisaya speaking friends , pls bear if you dont understand my dialect , if you want this to be translated then i'll do it for you , just send me feedbacks .

Sa akong inadlaw-adlaw nga pamugas diri sa kaulohan mao ni akong na taligam-an
nga dako nag kausaban ang atong yutang natawhan.
Nga sa matag higayon maabot ang adlaw nga ting pahulay sa trabaho
dayon ako og akbo kay lagi ugma lain nasab ang mahitabo.
Sa pag libod suroy ko ning dagkong mga edipisyo
nga moamag kung atoa paka sa halayo
og labi na kung ikaw mag tan-aw
gikan sa ibabaw,
walay laing mabuhat kundi mag sud-ong mag laway
sa maanindot og madanihon nga mga butang nga gipang pansay,
og ikaw magtan-aw mag laway gayod,
apan walay ikapalit kay lagi ga lisod.
Ambot og ngano nga wala man untay ayo ning paglatagaw,
apan maoy naandan aron ang kaugalingon malingaw,
hasol tuod hunahuna-on nga nag samok samok lang ka sa tindera og gwardiya,
busa pasagdi nalang kuya kay kini mao ra tawn ang kalipay sa imong pordoyng higala.

August 11, 2006

Friday (Beerness Madness)

Thanks Heaven’s Its Friday and today I’m charge with excitement coz weekends gonna come. Aside from that it’s our schedule for Drinking Session. uh..uh.. , the bibulous fellow are alive again, ha..ha.. well it’s past 6:00 PM , the regular dismissal time but I’m still here sitting, it’s not because I have to work overtime but to wait my boozy officemates. They have to go out at 7 to avail our flexi time, since they were coming late in the morning….After punching out we walk together to the neighboring bar/grill. In the middle of the road I feel thirst’s, he. he…. can’t wait aren’t you.. Its fun to walk in the busy road along with my colleagues, the only thing to keep in mind is that you should pay attention unto your side coz lots of vehicles blowing their horns that looks they are in a hurry to beat the traffic.After few minutes walking, finally we arrived in the place, whew the menu’s are very clear to my eyes, hmmm.. yummy pulotan.. ha.ha.. we then find our table and take our order….. As soon as the waiter had finished serving we then raised our bottle and together we said “ KAMPAI

August 08, 2006

Project Kick Off

Whew , my happy days has ended, after spending couple of days for my training, i was now deployed in a certain group to participate in the project. So this is it, whether I’m ready or not with the knowledge i gain last training, i was now assigned in the so called the battle field. Enough of making nonsense action, non job related, creeping in various websites and blah blah (ops don’t tell my boss about it), ha ha, what you know here should be keep it here and leave it here.... Busy days are here again, working overtime, oh i hate this, but i cant complain , i have a deadline to submit my portfolio, if i cannot then I’m dead , oh pity on me a poor guy.... should i say more? i guess this is adequate, so bye for now. catch you soon if I’m not busy anymore (perhaps this project was finish)...

oh by the way my project was MS Office related..

August 07, 2006

The J2EE Training Experience

Such a good feeling if you were train in the programming language of what they called “write once run anywhere”. But hey, don’t look down unto this stuff; do you think it’s easy to be train? I guess not, if only I can object not to be train, then I would but why should I disregard this? It’s a good opportunity on my part to brush up my knowledge but the only bugging in my mind is, I am afraid I can’t handle it, learning this broad thing is such a very confusing, your mind will be twirling as you will also learn a lot of technology involve to developed.Our training was fair to middling; in fact we were happy and show our eagerness unto the course as what our trainer observed us. But inside of me is a little fear, what if I will be assigned immediately, I hope not, I hope my Boss will give me enough time to familiar, self study, and etc.. At the end of our training, oh my mind was enlighten as I now understand the concept of this language, I am now ready to code , but perhaps the basics only.. ha ha.