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November 07, 2006

all saints day / all souls day

last halloween or all souls day i was on leave at work and i got home in the province, well the feast was quite nice
and as usual too crowded. but i was just have a little observation that the people are not merely celebrating this with the true spirit of what all souls day was about. the religious party only promote that we people only visit the burial site of our passed away relatives bringing candle and flower but to my observation some people bring Audio Component, Beers etc..
what is the spirit of all souls day now? even inside of our cemetry there was a little store selling candles, junk food and perhaps Beers and on sidewalk there's an okay-okay store.
why they was allowed ? may be there is no strong law that prohibit them but it is a matter of conscience that you folks think that our dead people don't drink and eat anymore , what they want is they will be remembered i think thats the only point why we celebrate all souls day... "To remember our dead relatives"

P.S. the local police was prohibiting vehicles to go inside the perimeter of the memorial park to control the crowd but why still there was vehicles that was able to go inside? are they excempted? seems they treat them as VIP. this is the oldest personality every Filipino inherits ever since.
more on politics , if they dont know you then you are imposed but if they know you then you are excempt.


Anonymous jack59 said...

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8:03 PM  
Anonymous Shari said...

Ahh, my family and I did nothing last All Soul's Day. Just a quiet candle-lighting at home.

I agree with your take regarding "memorial park politics." Really, Filipinos are just so frustrating.

6:50 PM  

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